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Welcome to the North Carolina Banking Institute website.

The NCBI is a student-edited legal journal at the University of North Carolina School of Law in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The NCBI was formed in 1996 by a dedicated group of UNC Law students, UNC Law faculty, and attorneys. The NCBI was then officially recognized as a journal by the UNC School of Law in the Spring of 1998, becoming the third recognized journal at the School. Now, in its twenty-third year, the NCBI continues to thrive with approximately 300 law schools, law firms, and financial institutions subscribing to the journal, which is published annually each Spring.

Through this website and its annually published journal, the NCBI aims to be a leading resource and place for discourse on practical, cutting-edge issues facing attorneys, judges, policymakers, and scholars within the banking industry. It is the goal of the NCBI to give you real-time access to these issues, making our scholarship more current and influential. To retrieve a PDF version of a particular article or note in a NCBI Volume, see the repository. For information on the UNC Center for Banking and Finance or the annual Banking Institute see the “Center for Banking and Finance” page. Please direct any questions or submissions to